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Brynderwen (Abermule) to Newtown ( Section15 ).  Page 2
Between Aberbechan road
bridge and Freestone .
The canal is fed by water from the
Penarth feeder but is totally overgrown.
Freestone Bridge No.153.
Site of the entry of the Penarth Feeder.
Below Freestone .
A clearer patch where the Penarth Feeder enters the canal.
Freestone lock 8’9”
The dry remains of Freestone Lock.
The locks structure still appears to be quite sound.
Penarth feeder sluice near freestone lock.
Penarth feeder.
The feeder channel is clear of weed.
Penarth Weir on the River Severn.
Above this is where Penarth Feeder leaves the river.
Sluice above Penarth Weir.
The feeder for the Montgomery Canal leaves the river at this point.
Shropshire Union Railway & Canal  Co notice.
This original notice is still to be found adjacent to the Penarth Weir.
Dolfor  Bridge  (No 154).
Sited by the entrance to Dolfor Lock.
Dolfor lock   8’11”.
Dolfor bridge (No 155) or is it the Porthouse Turn bridge (No 156)?
Maybe someone can confirm which of these is the one that remains.

Unable to locate rock lock bridge.
(Bridge No 157).

Unable to locate Rock Lock.
Rock bridge (No 158).
A footpath now passes below the bridge.
Near to Newtown.
View of the original path of the canal and towpath seen on the approach to Newtown.
The towpath is now a footpath and provides a pleasant walk. The  bed of the canal, to the right of  towpath,  has been filled in .
Newtown Pump House  and Footbridge (Bridge 158a).
The pump house ( now private property) seen here, originally had a tall chimney.
The Foot Bridge seen here crossing over the path of the canal, is still in use.
Rear of Newtown Pump House.
The original pipe is still to be seen entering the River Severn.
Behind the old buildings of the Central Dairy Newtown Depot that was built over the course of the canal.
At this point, only the embankment separated the canal  from the River Severn.  
Off Canal Road, Newtown.
A transport depot now covers the line of the canal but evidence of its path is still  to be found.
This photo shows what remains of the parapet of Waggon Bridge (No. 160) incorporated in a garden hedge. The bridge was the last bridge before the canal entered Newtown Canal Basin.  
This sign on "LOWER CANAL ROAD" is the only evidence that remains of the canals terminal basin at Newtown. The whole area is now covered by residential properties.  
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