Pete's Montgomery Canal Photo-site.
Mill Arm and Maesbury Marine.
  The Mill Arm is a feeder for the canal from the Morda Brook and originally ran up into Maesbury Hall Mill where A & A Peate ground locally produced corn and also corn from abroad brought by canal from Liverpool / Ellesmere Port .
  Extensive restoration of the arm has been completed by Barry Tuffin of Maesbury Marine Services who runs a boat building and repair service in part of the mill complex . Boats at various stages of completion can be seen under construction.
The new Mill Arm Lift Bridge area has now  matured and provides a pleasant approach to the Mill Arm that is through the bridge, to the right.
If you take a walk along the road to the right of the lift bridge, you will come to a public footpath that takes you to the feeder at the head of the Mill Arm.
Extensive restoration and bank work was  completed (seen here in 2004).
Boats carrying grain from Liverpool and Ellesmere Port used to off-load direct into the old mill that was situated to the left of the photo.
Another view behind the mill in 2004 showing the new pilings and bank work.
Crossing over to the opposite bank and looking back down the arm gives meaning to the 2004 restoration work as it blends in with its enviroment .
Walking back along the lane towards the lift bridge in 2004 we saw the new moorings which had already begun to blend in.
Further down the moorings in 2007, this is the scene that now meets your eyes .
If you are interested in a new (or second hand) boat, then a visit to Barry’s workshop is well worth a visit.
Boats at differing stages of construction can be viewed and you can judge for yourself the quality being built in.  All the wooden moldings and fittings for the craft are made on site from well seasoned timber.
Not content with restoring the canal arm itself, Barry Tuffin has restored the pool seen here through the trees.
An off-line nature reserve is now becoming well established.