The Montgomery Canal - “80 years on.”

80 Years ago, saw the first conversion of a working narrow-boat  and the formation of the IWA - Inland Waterways Association.
The narrow-boat “Cressy”, originally used to carry grain on the Montgomery Canal, was converted for leisure use in the dry dock at Frankton Locks.  
1939 had seen her purchased by Tom Rolt  for his epic journey around our decaying network of canals.  The book of his journey “Narrow Boat” was first published in 1944 and inspired other enthusiasts to join him in the formation in 1946 of the Inland Waterways Association .
A plaque “Cressy” was unveiled at Frankton Locks on Saturday the 17th January 2009 by Sonia Rolt, his widow, a vice-president of the IWA.
The restored Shropshire Union fly-boat “Saturn” was also in attendance.
Inland waterways enthusiasts gather by narrow-boat “Saturn”at Frankton Locks for the unveiling of the plaque to commemorate  L T C Rolt’s famous Narrowboat CRESSY .
Ready for the unveiling. Sonia Rolt seen here making her speech.

Looking at the plaque after its unvailing.

The plaque.(Click on plaque to enlarge).
By the lock, now forming part of a private garden, are the remains of the dry-dock where “Cressy” was converted by the local boat builder  Mr Jack Beech.

By the side of the “dry-dock”.
Sonia Rolt is seen here with the restored Shropshire Union Fly-boat “Saturn”.

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